Ever since I started doing my own cooking, I've had a huge interest in food. My desire to re-create tasty restaurant dishes in my own kitchen turned me into a very analytical diner, using all my senses to figure out exactly what I was eating and how it was prepared. When moving from Sweden to Riga in early 2011, it immediately became a hobby for me to try new restaurants. I soon discovered, though, how difficult it was (and still is) to find information in English about restaurants. Most sources have proven to be highly unreliable and in many cases nothing but shameless PR. In the midst of this frustration, suddenly three beautiful letters appeared before my eyes: DIY.

So, early 2014, Foodinriga.com was born. The purpose of this website is to try to guide you away from the many pitfalls in the Riga restaurant jungle, and point you to the shiny diamonds. You may love this website or hate it. After 2+ years of running Foodinriga.com, I have readers on both sides of that fence. What you can expect, though, is for my reviews to always be honest, unbiased and uncompromising. Good food is where you find it. I'm here to help you look.