I can't believe it's already been 1 year since I launched Foodinriga.com! I still remember being super late to work that day because I needed to get everything right before hitting the ”launch” button. Then, starting already at the bus stop by my house, I was thrilled to see people's ”likes” starting to come in. So that day, I believe there was more Facebooking than working (and no, that is not how I usually operate, believe it or not).

Running this show has so far been very interesting. And costly. One day a fun, rewarding community service, a burden and a chore the next, Foodinriga.com has always been a money-flushing toilet. So to all you grumpy restaurant owners/chefs who got a less than favorable review: I've still been pouring cash into your business.

But rest assured, I haven't yet planned to let this rolling snowball go. Readership grows, as does my number of Facebook followers, and I firmly believe that this website has a lot more potential than it has so far lived up to. Now, how to get Luke Skywalker to wear a Foodinriga.com t-shirt in the next movie... hmmm.

So, here's to Foodinriga.com and cheers to all you guys and gals out there who keep coming back! I hope you'll help me carry this thing through another year!

/Michael a.k.a. The Foreigner